City Lab Baankwartier ebook

Stadslab Baankwartier

For the City Lab Baankwartier (an area in Rotterdam) studio MEGAN designed both the printed book and the ebook, which were published with the results of one year City Lab.


The City Lab is an initiative of Frederik Pöll and Joost van Dijk. During 2016 they organized three meet-ups with people who live, work or use the area in order to discuss the future of the area. Melissa van Amerongen interviewed the initiators afterwards about the results of the meet-ups. The interview and pictures taken by Jan van Nass were bundled by studio MEGAN, together with maps of the changing area in the hybrid publication. studio MEGAN determined together with the initiators how the interview should look like in order to have the best result in the ebook.

The ebook used a sticky lay-out, in order to use the top and bottom of the page. The basis of the book is lineair, with the exception of certain pages where one can jump from one chapter to another. This way of navigating comes from map books.


In the beginning of the book, the reader can choose between 2018 and 2041. These chapters differ slightly in their design. To give the reader a hint they are in a different era.

The font in this book is Vista Sans and Vista Slab.


Next to the ebook, there is now also a printed version of the story of the Baankwartier.



The design and structure remain the same in the printed book. Because of the use of a sticky lay-out in the ebook, the design was easy to translate in to print.


On the Stadsmakers congres 2016 in Rotterdam City Lab Baankwartier presented their research, findings and ebook. There was also a flyer, designed by studio MEGAN, distributed among the visitors.

The ebook can be downloaded at